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Lenco-Marine s.a.l. is a family owned company established in Lebanon since 1976. We are specialized in the design and construction of custom high performance power boats.


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Tony Bassil
Tony Bassil
I had 4 Lenco-Marine boats till now, never had issues. Great quality and experience, highly recommended.
Dany Chamoun
Dany Chamoun
We’ve had Lenco-Marine boats since I was born, never had issues. Great reliability and perfect stability for the Mediterranean sea. We own the Riviera model, great fun for waterskiing and wakeboarding!
Raymond Attayek
Raymond Attayek
I am a Lebanese-Canadian that went to Lebanon and decided to buy a boat this summer. My friends recommended me Lenco Marine and I am extremely happy with my decision. I bought a tiger boat of 28ft and I have been enjoying it with my family. The shape and the stability of the boat on the water surprised me. I was very satisfied by its quality. Thank you to lenco marine and their excellent service. I highly recommend doing business with them!
Rita Matar
Rita Matar
Best quality 👌 thank you Lenco Marine
Peter Chouchani
Peter Chouchani
Best Boats in town , i have personally been on several ones and it was always smooth riding . Lenco Marine crafts boats with pure humbleness thinking of each and every buyer !
Hassan Rifai
Hassan Rifai
خدمة رائعة تتخطى حدود العمل الاعتيادي، خبرة عالية ينتج عنها القدرة على تلبية اصعب الطلبات، صناعة متقنة، لمسات نهائية راقية، وخيارات متعددة لترضي كل الفئات، شركة عالمية تستأهل تقييم الخمس نجوم واكثر.
Karim Aramouni
Karim Aramouni
Highly recommended professional boating and marine company with great experience. Very honest and fast response to any inquiry or question. I am very happy with all their services.

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Lenco Marine, a seller of luxury boats, offers exquisite vessels to discerning customers, including you, with unmatched elegance and quality.


Lenco Marine, renowned for selling luxury boats, also provides an exceptional renting experience, offering opulent vessels for your adventures.


Lenco Marine stands out as a premier provider of luxury boats, offering customizations that exceed expectations.

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